Treat Yourself! Mindfulness Matters!

How do you survive living in a fast-paced world? Mastering this can be what is seemingly an ever-lasting journey. You might find that certain times of the day can trigger intrusive-anxiety filled thoughts, but did you know, that you hold the power to break the negative thoughts with the implementation and daily practice of self-care? 

Something that I have often briefly pondered was the idea of anxiety and depression heightening at certain times of the day, for example, when darkness falls. I've always noticed this throughout my years of transition and discovery of self. No matter how good of a day I would convince myself that I was having, somehow, all of the ill-thoughts and pressures of life would come crashing down as the sun retreated into the night sky. After doing a bit of research, I learned that  I actually was not alone in these bursts of overwhelming feelings. It was a bit comforting to learn that it is common to experience anxiety during the final 30 minutes to one hour prior to going to bed. I suppose this makes a lot of sense considering that we tend to have more idle time in these final moments of our day and often times, idle time is associated with anxiety and worry. So what do we do to alleviate this? How can we incorporate practices that will eliminate these negative feelings and heighten our practices of mindfulness and self-care?  Well, engaging in an activity, including washing, toning, and moisturizing your face and body, that you can get out of your head and focus on what you’re doing. Something as simplistic as lighting a candle and doing a little meditation, using essential oils as you run a soothing bath, or a relaxing shower.

The act of caring for your body provides an opportunity for mindfulness & wellness. Mindfulness is when you hone in on sensations that you’re experiencing in the present moment, without passing judgment. It could be something as simple as the soothing feel of warm water, for instance. This practice has been shown to assist with depression and anxiety by stopping worry and rumination,

It is with my highest recommendation that everyone find ways to incorporate mindfulness and wellness into their daily routines and activities, even if just for a few short minutes. In doing so, you work toward assisting and training your brain to detach from less healthy thought patterns to focusing more on the mind, the body, and the soul. Above all else, make time for yoursel!

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